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The Death Of Copyright EP

by Mark Northfield

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I heard a pop song today It was grimly efficient It brought me to my knees In three terrible minutes I saw my life go by I saw the crashing of empire It stole my DNA Then claimed I had no father I heard a rock song today It was VERY IMPORTANT It took me for a ride Before I'd even given consent I saw the whites of my eyes I saw the heads of the surfers It made me feel a man Then inserted inverted commas And now I'm all alone And now I'm all alone And now at last I'm all alone There's nothing on the radio The static slips into my heart I lost what I never had 'Twas all about the taking part The air fairly hums with dreams But I don't sing their melodies I sing what I cannot hear 'Twas all about the part you played It's all about the way the chorus fades Aujourd'hui j'ai entendu une tube Elle était sinistrement efficace Elle ma fait tomber aux genoux  Pendant trois minutes terribles J'ai vu ma vie passer devant moi J'ai vu la chute de l'empire Elle m'a vole le ADN Puis elle a pretendu Que je n'aie pas de pere Et maintenant je suis toute seule Et maintenant je suis toute seule Et enfin je suis toute seule Que idioma es Que idioma es Que idioma es  Heute hörte ich ein Rock Song Es war SEHR WICHTIG Es brachte mich in Fahrt Bevor ich Zustimmung gegeben hatte Ich sah das Weiß meiner Augen Ich sah die Köpfe der Surfers Ich fuhlte mich wie ein Mann Dann setzte es Anführungszeichen ein Und jetzt bin ich ganz allein Und jetzt bin ich ganz allein Und nun shießlich bin ich ganz allein There's nothing on the radio...
She sings the forecast Languorous and gorgeous Clouds moving southwards Hazardous ambassadors Mmmm... Snow looms for curlews Sleet down on lower ground Clear skies by morning Black ice then forming Expect disruption Widespread til luncheon She sings the forecast Lowestoft to Fishguard Well-versed assertions The cadence of seasons Mmmm... All our futures From Bracknell to Lancaster Storms and warm fronts And warnings of coastal fog Falling pressure From Thurso to Exeter Drizzly days with no end She wryly smiles No extremes in these Isles A flourish to finish The temperature cadenza So ends the broadcast Fine science and hard art All's dark All's dark
Big head small head medium sized head Rush head spin head over to you there Them there us they're equally likely to Fight do might do what I been meanin to See to be two double the fun but not Just not quite not double the time to kill Road kill joy kill anything else that comes Fast comes fierce comes free of association Amen a leading inexorably A freeze a nothing can ever be Safe be sure be more than the sum of your Past your art you're sellin yourself a bit Short bit deep bit drawin the poison out Side out stake out sneakin around I get Bored get lost get carbon sequestering Home ring drug ring snuggling in skin Head skin tight skin showin your name and age Less hey jester generous to a fault Foot fault tip fold fingers and hunker down South down powerdown out for the count and his Teeth his meat his crossin the border appeal A scream a what has got into you Win you grin you what have you done to me Sink me drink me under the table with Fear with fur with lager lager been There been done been over the moon with that Cow that tale that exaggeration but Where but why but how on earth do we Fall we turn we spin out of gun control Pet troll wild troll muzzled and puzzled I'm You I'm through I'm living without the one That one long gone always a step ahead / removed I want something to hold on to You moved through moved living without the one That one long gone always a step removed... I want something to hold on to


First EP from the forthcoming album Alterations. Contains the naggingly catchy philosophical disco of THE DEATH OF COPYRIGHT and its almost-classical counterpart track from the album, THE FORECASTER.

For an in depth commentary about all the tracks from the album, see the 'alterations revealed' page on Mark's official website: www.marknorthfield.com

The handmade animation video for the EP's title track - lovingly created by Mark over several increasingly late nights - can be seen in all its wordy glory on YouTube. www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0NkZXx69jM

This EP also contains an old-skool 12" style 'stretched out' mix of another track from the album, HEADLONGING.

The fourth track here should be a bleakly beautiful cover of ABBA's THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME, but as Bandcamp doesn't permit covers to be sold, it has been replaced in this store by an exclusive instrumental version of Headlonging (Stretched Out).

The Day Before You Came can be found on the EP listing in most of the usual online stores (iTunes, emusic, Amazon etc) and also CD Baby, who are officially warmer and cuddlier than any of the aforementioned: www.cdbaby.com/cd/marknorthfield2


'marvellously crafted tunes'
SPUTNIK MUSIC (featured in staff reviewer Adam Downer's top 100 albums of the decade)

'like a Tim Burton movie for the ears - quirky, detailed, immaculately produced'

'flutters between Beatles-grade melody and esoteric dissonance'

'intelligent and literate'


released July 11, 2011


all rights reserved



Mark Northfield Reading, UK

Pianist and singer/songwriter from Berkshire, England. Also founder member of piano trio Cherry Mint Koala. Mark makes eclectic, melodic and slightly melancholic pop/rock, with prominent classical and theatrical influences. Often collaborates with other vocalists drawn from a variety of genres. Somewhat unpigeonholeable. ... more

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